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Oliver Leaver-Smith

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2. Biography

2.1. Short

Oliver Leaver-Smith does a lot of things, but mostly is very good in one-line biography writing.

2.2. Long

My name is Oliver and I am a Network Engineer and Linux System Administrator, currently working at the UK ISP Plusnet

I built my first website at age 12, and have been doing so ever since. I quickly found that I enjoyed writing code by hand rather than using the drag-and-drop tools of the day -- I actually failed a module in Sixth Form because I wrote the code by hand rather than use Dreamweaver's layout tools (the teacher said the code was "too clean")

I started my Linux journey age 13 with Red Hat 9. I found a "Teach Yourself Red Hat" book on my dad's shelf and proceeded to tinker and unintentionally destroy his Windows partition. This wasn't all bad, as it meant that I got my own computer. Since then, I have chopped and changed with different distros, but have been a Fedora user since Fedora 14.

My current rig is a ThinkPad X61s running Fedora 23, and a multitude of physical and virtual servers running different versions of CentOS


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