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1. Internal documentation

Other pages referring to the topic of RPM, and building RPMs in this wiki include:

2. External documentation

Here is some external documentation about RPM Package Manager.

rpm.org -- see also the older RPM site oldrpm.org

<!> This dual link model arises due to changes at Red Hat in December 2006, deciding to end the editorship of the prior RPM site maintainer; that maintainer posted a mirror of the last version of the old RPM website to address the problem of broken links.

Creating Quality RPMs GuruLabs page

DRAFT Building Packages in Fedora fedora wiki

<!> Because the following book is requested, we add a link for, but do not recommend the 'Maximum RPM' online edition; please be aware that parts of this book pre-date a major restructuring in the RPM project, to split out from 'rpm' the package management tool, the 'rpmbuild' binary package building tool. As such some references, such as to:

rpm -ba (specfile)

are obsolete. The project to re-write 'Maximum RPM' is stalled as of early 2008.

Maximum RPM -- now at: Maximum RPM for the older RPM site version

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