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Project Cranberry

The goal of this project is to create a lean and mean bootable environment based on the latest version of CentOS.


During installation or recovery it is useful to be able to debug/troubleshoot a system with the exact same version of the kernel as the installation you are trying to attempt or recover. Sadly the normal Red Hat rescue image does not contain any troubleshooting tools (even mii-tool or ethtool are missing).


Instead of creating just one image, we would like to create a toolchain that generates this complete environment.

List of software

The following list of software (commands) is desirable:

Recovery software

Troubleshooting software

Disk/filesystem software

File utilities

Benchmarking software

Connectivity software

Kernel functionality

Hardware info collection

Documentation / procedures

I would also like to include procedures for all kinds of situation that explains what commands are possible and how you can use them with real examples given. RIPLinux does this as well.

Network interface troubleshooting

Another useful script would be one that automatically lists the different network interface, MAC addresses and type, shows which one has a link, and scans each of them to reverse engineer the network or vlan that network-interface is in.

This would help in determining the root-cause of network-installation problems I have seen at various customers. And could help determine what interface is patched to what network to find the one you need to install from.

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