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CentOS 5 i586 support


CentOS is still used on i586 CPUs and VIA C3 CPUs (which are i686 CPUs, but do not have a cmov instruction). Our goals is to support i586-class CPUs on CentOS 5. This page describes the progress of i586 support.


You can help testing in with the following hardware:


CentOS 5 currently boots on at least cmov-less i686 CPUs with the following changes (please add confirmation for i586 and VIA C3 CPUs):


Some i386 packages don't work, because they introduce cmov instructions through the -ffast-math gcc parameter. Some packages using -ffast-math seem not to call cmov instructions, others using it do. The following packages have -ffast-math in their build logs:

Not Affected


Original build logs (affected packages):

We are Currently working on patches to rebuild the affected packages without the -ffast-math for i586 arch only.

We are currently unaware of other issues, and will add them here when they are found.

2023-09-11 07:23