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Tests done on i386 Hardware

Use this template to report all the tests you have done. If you create bugs on bugs.centos.org it would be nice to add a link to it in your notes.

  1. Platform name : A name for your HW platform and change the letter A to be in sequence

    • Date : Date and Time install/upgrade performed

    • Tester : Your WIKI name.

    • Boot Method : For fresh installs or say N/A for upgraded systems.

    • Install/Upgrade Method : Yum, HTTP, FTP, NFS, CDROM, DVD, ...

    • Partitioning : For fresh installs or say N/A for upgraded systems.

    • Storage Location : Say LocalStorage for local disks (the normal case). Say RemoteStorage and specify the type if you have used something else (FC SAN, iSCSI SAN, ...)

    • Virtual : Say No if you installed on real hardware, say yes and specify the kind (Xen, VMware, KVM, ..) if you did use some kind of virtualization.

    • Hardware : What kind of hardware did you test on. Both virtual and real if you said yes in the previous line.

lspci output from your system.

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