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  1. Init scripts throw syntax errors due to coreutils being more picky about syntax
    • FIXED This was determined to be due to an nss_ldap + bash 3.2 SIGPIPE bug. See the mailing list for more info.

  2. Bash 3.2 metadata incorrect
    • NOFIX This was determined to be an upstream issue with the specspo package, which hasn't been updated in a while. 'LANG=c rpm -qi bash' shows the correct version.

    • bash-3.2-21.el5
    • File: RPM Summary and Description fields
    • Error: Text claims that the package contains Bash 3.1
  3. i686 packages missing from x86_64 repo
    • FIXED This was fixed when Karanbir added multilib packages

    • glibc-2.5-24.i686.rpm
    • Error: yum update fails with:
      • Error: Missing Dependency: glibc-common = 2.5-18.el5_1.1 is needed by package glibc
    • FIXED This was fixed when Karanbir added multilib packages

    • mkinitrd- mkinitrd-devel-
    • Error: yum update fails with:
      • Running rpm_check_debug
        ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve:
        Package mkinitrd needs nash =, this is not available.
  4. 3 packages crash yum with a recursion error when trying to install them
  5. The groups used by yum for yum groupinstall do not include the additional channels that are enabled. So you cannot do group yuminstall cluster-suite or something similar.

    • FIXED {{{These are not "uservisible" in the upstream comps.xml file. I have made them visible in our comps.xml

    file so they should be there in 5.2 (JohnnyHughes)


  1. A kickstart installation that used the repo directive that points to an updates repository would fail the install because the dependency order was totally wrong. (normally glibc and coreutils are one of the first packages because it includes ldconfig and necessary utilities for RPM %pre and %post scripts.

  2. During an graphical anaconda installation, the mouse pointer that hovers above the Next button on a new screen requires to leave the Next button and re-enter it before you can click it. Usually people have the mouse-pointer on the Next button if the default is fine.

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