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Running tests in parallels

I've looked into the possibility of running the tests in parallel, here's some points we need to address if we really need this feature:

1. We need to separate install part from individual tests and make one global install with a list of pkg that can be extended later, this way we don't have to deal with yum locks and thus locking other tests.

Note by tigalch: I once started a script to pull all packages to be installed from the tests (to be found in t_functional/utils/package-install-list.sh). That script might need some tweaking but could be a start to populate VMs with all required packages.

2. We need a dependency/locking system between tests so we don't end up with tests modifying the same file (most likely a config file).

3. Another option is to restructure the tests into categories (or tagging system) and use multiple VMs for running the test suite.


2023-09-11 07:23