VirtualBox remote instance for QA members

We provide a remote access to a VirtualBox instance running in the QA Harness network to QATeam members. The main advantage is that the latest tree/ISOs are pushed to QA harness VLAN and that Vbox can access those tree/ISOs through nfs autofs mount.

First thing to do is to ask access to that machine.

You'll receive the private key to be used for the NX client (OpenNX works fine) and an initial FreeNX password.

To know how to install the OpenNX client, feel free to read the page.

QA specific


Import the key you'll have received.

Desktop session: Unix/Custom, push the setting button and select "Run the following command: VirtualBox"

(There is no need to launch a full desktop environment, so that VirtualBox will run seamlessly in your local X session.

VirtualBox specific

Please don't leave your test VMs running when you don't plan to test something. Please consider also deleting them when finished. There are 'only' 6Gb of ram in that host, so think about other QA members who want to use that host too.

Create all your VMs at the default location (in '~/!VirtualBox VMs')

ISO Store

All CentOS tree/ISOs are available under /net/ (normally automatically pushed from the builders to the QA harness network).

VM Network settings

Default NAT is fine when testing local media installation.

If for some reason you want to test network install (PXE boot), you can use a Bridge interface but only on eth0!

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