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Where can I report bugs/RFE for the CentOS Project ?

The CentOS Project actually uses several ticket trackers, so use this list as a filter to know where to report specific bug[s] and/or RFE/requests :

1. CentOS Stream

Red Hat Issues (CentOS Stream 8)

Red Hat Issues (CentOS Stream 9)

Red Hat Issues (CentOS Stream 10)

The Component field corresponds to the source package name that you'd like to report a bug against. If you are reporting an issue against the whole distribution itself, or if you're otherwise unclear what the component should be please choose 'distribution'.

2. Special Interest Groups

3. CentOS Infra, CBS, SIGs, mirror, CI, etc

see mail sent to centos-devel list :

Concerned areas :

Use the following tracker for such kind of requests/areas : https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issues

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