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Running a SIG Meeting can be much easier with an agenda, and a few snippets for calling out things for the minutes.

Meetbot Commands

We'll use some examples from previous CBS meetings.



Sample usage

#startmeeting <name_of_your_meeting>

Tells centbot to begin a meeting

#startmeeting CBS/Infra


Ends the currently running meeting


#chair <list_of_nicks>

Meetbot chairs can do administrative commands (like #undo, #agreed, #topic). The person who starts the meeting is automatically a chair

#chair alphacc Arrfab kbsingh

#topic <text>

Starts a topic for discussion. This shows up as a section in the Meeting Summary portion of the minutes

#topic Status Updates

#info <some_text>

Adds a line in the Meeting Summary under the currently active topic

#info First Config Management SIG Meeting: Wed Mar 23 16:00:00 UTC 2016 in #centos-devel

#action <nick_of_someone> <todo_item_they_should_do>

Registers a todo item for the named person

#todo bstinson to follow up on the arm64 builder

#agreed <something_the_group_decided>

This announces a decision of the group, reached by either a vote or by lazy consensus

#agreed The meeting time will be 14h00 UTC

Publishing the Minutes

After the meeting is closed, your minutes will show up under: http://www.centos.org/minutes/

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