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Searching for CentOS resources

There is a lot of information about CentOS available on this Wiki and on the Internet, and this page may help you to reduce the time you are looking for information.

1. Searching the CentOS Wiki

The CentOS Wiki has a vast amount of information that is being updated and corrected all the time. For that reason it is the first place to look for information and the first place to add information so it is maintained by other users.

There are two ways to search the wiki. The fastest is to search by Title:

But more versatile is to search by Text:

(!) There are many keywords that can help you refine your search, look at the Search help page for more information.

2. Searching Google

You can use Google to search the complete CentOS resource of information by changing your search query and adding site:centos.org:

keyword site:centos.org

Or you can filter to the mailinglist archives, wiki or forums by using respectively site:lists.centos.org, site:wiki.centos.org or site:www.centos.org/forums/viewtopic.php !

So to find posts in the CentOS mailinglist archives mentioning a particular topic, say "samba", enter the following Google search string:

samba site:lists.centos.org

Likewise, to find posts in the CentOS Forums, enter the following:

samba site:www.centos.org/forums/viewtopic.php

3. Using Firefox search plugins

Much more useful if you regularly are looking for CentOS or RHEL information is by adding one of the Firefox search plugins from the blog article Searching for RHEL and CentOS information.

Just by clicking on of the links you can add a Search item in your Firefox Search box that is readily available.

{i} At the moment we cannot add the Firefox Search plugins to this page as it requires javascript.

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