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Alternative Images SIG

1. Goals

The Alternate Images SIG's goal will be to build and provide alternate iso images for CentOS Stream. These images will be hosted in the CentOS infrastructure. They will be regularly updated at least once every three months.

Processes will be put in place for the addition, maintenance, and removal of images.

Whenever possible, these images will be created on the CentOS or Fedora infrastructure. If there is a reason that the image is not built on that infrastructure, then the image building must be trackable.

2. What is in scope

All images will be built with CentOS Stream and possibly external repos. All external repos must be compatible with CentOS Stream and follow the Fedora licensing policy

2.1. Live Images

Previously known as LiveDVD, LiveCD images.


2.2. Alternate Install Images

These images do installs only. But all the packages they install are on the image.


3. What is not in scope

4. Deliverables

5. Communication

The SIG uses the centos-devel mailing list for coordination and the #centos-alt-images IRC channel for interactive communications. The SIG also holds regular meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 19:00 UTC in #centos-meeting. Meetings are logged and the minutes for past meetings are available.

6. Membership

Everybody is welcome to join and contribute to the SIG. The current set of members is:

The SIG Chairperson is currently Troy Dawson. At the beginning of each year an election will be held to determine the Chairperson. At that point it will also be determined if the SIG has a Co-Chair, or a Single Chairperson for the year.

Membership can be requested by filing an issue on the SIG tracker or by asking during one of the regular IRC meetings. Current members can raise objection, and in case of disagreement membership requests can be put to a vote, but in general we'd welcome anybody that's interested and willing to do work within the scope of the SIG. We do expect SIG members to actively contribute or otherwise remain engaged with the project, and will initiate removal of stale members after six months of inactivity.

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