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Alternative Desktop SIG

1. SIG Mission Statement

To Build, QA, and support desktop environments which are not a part of the Base Distribution (KDE or GNOME)

2. Proposal

  1. Any desktop system needs to have 3 sponsors who are people willing to do the work of building RPMS, coordinating user bugs with upstream, and fixing packages. The logic behind 3 people is:
    • to prevent 'drive-by' contributions to the SIG, which result in packages being dumped and left unsupported
    • that disagreements between sponsors should be deadlock free
    • Continuity of operation in case some members are unavailable for job/life/vacation oriented reasons.
  2. Desktops do not keep to Enterprise lifetimes, but major version changes to the desktop need to be announced, tested, and released to a schedule. Desktops which don't want to do that will not be part of the SIG. A schedule does not need to be super detailed, but just alleviate surprise.
  3. Desktops can and will be removed from the SIG if there isn't an interest in keeping them up. This is mainly to cover that if ABC-DE desktop no longer has sponsors, other members of the SIG aren't obliged to support ABC-DE if they don't want to.
  4. Some level of governance needs to be established so that there is a committee that can make sure that a desktop has 'sponsors', that it is not just code thrown over a wall and left, and that users are not left surprised when updates to the desktop occur. They may also make up packaging rules and guidelines as needed to alleviate problems that come up.

SIG Status: Planning

Board Member Helping Bootstrap: Jim Perrin

Proposed Members:

<!> Note: This is a proposed SIG, not accepted by the CentOS Board at this point.

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