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This is just a draft of what an announcement email from the SIG's might look like. A Sample is presented here.



What is being announced : Be terse as needed, get as much of the relevant info 
as high as possible, including name, version, release, tag, release id etc. You 
also want enough info in here that people reading the snippet can workout 
exactly what is being released.

What is included

Specifics, including urls to files and announcements, also include sha256sum 
if applicable

Howto get help and more information about what is being released

Howo get involved in the effort/project that released this content

Any special thanks or summaries

sign off
Always sign off as an individual, include context details ( ie. if you are a 
member of some group ) and also typically include some contact information 
about yourself.


Typically you will want to announce development and testing content into your own community, but also include the CentOS-Devel list ( http://lists.centos.org ), and even the http://seven.centos.org/ blog post - those are two good ways to get attention within the wider CentOS community who might be able to help with the testing effort.

For release content you should also consider, if applicable:


This is a generic page, please contribute to the list above, and also to the sample announce content.

2023-09-11 07:23