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Automotive SIG Meeting: October 21, 2021

These are shared minutes for the meeting of the CentOS Automotive SIG.

Meeting time: October 21, 2021, 1500UTC - 11am EDT, 5pm CEST Meeting link: https://bluejeans.com/870492784

Recording link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9xQBqWnSb4

Please contact jefro with any questions or concerns. Please also see the previous meeting minutes.

1. Agenda

If you have a particular discussion item, please add it below and/or contact jefro for help.

2. Attendees

3. Minutes

3.1. Action items from the last meeting

3.2. Build & test infrastructure update

The team from Red Hat has gotten the initial infrastructure in place, and builds are now possible! For more information please see the following links:

The team hopes to have downloadable binary images by the first of next year. Again, this is a group project, so please go take a look and break things.

3.3. Future meeting schedule

First, thanks to everyone who responded on our meeting times poll. Your feedback is helping the SIG understand the best ways to communicate. Going forward, we will propose alternating meetings in different time zones.

The current meeting time is reasonable for Europe and the US, but not for Asia. As the group develops, it may be advantageous to hold meetings at times more conducive to all times zones. To achieve this, we may move to alternating times and/or a divided meeting that repeats on the same day, and we will continue to record meetings so people can catch up asynchronously. Important topics should always be brought up on the mailing list as a primary avenue for discussion.

3.4. Request for help to develop contribution guidelines

Specifically, we need contribution guidelines & welcome help to work on these. If you would like to be part of this process, please contact Jefro or let the group know at the next meeting.

3.5. Introduction to the Automotive SIG

The purpose of the Automotive SIG is two-fold. First, it is meant to be a neutral public space for collaboration between third parties interested in open development of software targeted at in-vehicle automotive use cases. Second, it is meant to provide such projects with build and test infrastructure.

The general goal of the SIG is to provide an open-source home for distro-oriented automotive work (i.e. derived from binary artifacts, rather than rebuilt from source), and to attract and encourage open development of automotive software between commercial and non-commercial partners.

To that end, this SIG will have three primary functions:

Note: CentOS is a public, fully transparent project, so any work that happens within the context of this SIG is by definition public, and, according to the CentOS guidelines, must carry an open license approved by the CentOS board. This applies to both code and documentation. If any work requires an NDA or other privacy protection, it must be done outside the scope of this SIG.

Some practical goals to work toward over the next 4-5 months include:

4. Communications Channels for the SIG

The SIG is subject to the CentOS Code of Conduct, which outlines conduct expectations as well as an escalation path for anyone who feels uncomfortable. Jefro also has had training in code of conduct resolution, so if anyone has any concerns or needs guidance on this subject, please feel free to send email to him personally as a first step. All communication on this subject will remain strictly confidential.

Several community communications channels have been established:

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