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Cloud SIG

SIG Status: Active

Board Member Helping Bootstrap : KaranbirSingh

Chairs: JoelCapitao

You can read our announcement here : /Announcement

Cloud SIG biweekly meeting at 3pm UTC on the even Thursdays of the month, on #centos-meeting (Libera.chat IRC)

1. Abstract

The proposed CentOS Cloud SIG (CCS) is a group of people coming together to focus on packaging and maintaining different FOSS based Private cloud infrastructure applications that one can install and run natively on CentOS. We are a non vendor, non technology and non agent specific focus group, but we will gladly work with and build content to suit relevant niches or vendor ecosystems. This group specifically targets users who wish to install and run their own, independent ( or hybrid ) cloud infrastructure on CentOS.

The CCS intends to take ownership of existing CentOS Project relationships with vendors, and help to maintain the updated package repositories for all participating cloud projects.

2. Deliverable

The CCS will work to provide the basic guidelines and infrastructure required of FOSS cloud infrastructure projects so that we can build and maintain the packages inside official CentOS repositories.

We will also attempt to maintain user-grade documentation around the technologies we curate, along with represent the CCS at CentOS Dojos and related events in community and vendor neutral events with the aim of promoting CentOS Linux as a Cloud platform for every need.

We will only work with Open Source, redistribute-able software.

However, some of the code we want to build and ship may not yet be accepted upstream. In those cases, it will be clearly identified as such. Should we require exemptions for this, we will approach the board and seek legal clearance before importing any code into the centos.org ecosystem.

The CCS's deliverables may take the form of any of the CentOS Project's other deliverables, such as cloud images, installable ISOs, and package repositories.

3. Interface With Other SIGs

We anticipate working with the Core SIG to sync over CentOS Linux releases, and also to ensure the code we ship is tested, maintained and managed properly. We also expect to work closely with the Cloud Instance SIG, and other platform SIGs around their use of technologies such as hypervisor, storage, and software-defined networking.

Overall we hope to run an inclusive policy allowing other SIGs to incorporate and build upon the resources we maintain.

We will maintain a relationship with EPEL, and consume and maintain packages in the EPEL repository where reasonable.

4. Participating Projects

* The RDO project participates, packaging OpenStack for CentOS

* Apache CloudStack has shown interest in participating to provide CentOS packages for CloudStack

5. Mechanism To Deliver Software

The CCS will aim to run one or more code specific repository in development, testing and production roles. As and when there is a need to, we will interface with the other SIGs to make sure they are able to consume content provided in these repositories or contribute directly into their repositories.

Should there be a need to isolate technology or ecosystem specific content, we may chose to do so either via dedicated repositories.

6. Who Are Involved With The SIG

7. Future Potential Collaborators

The Cloud ecosystem is broad and expanding and we would like to welcome representation from vendor run ecosystems, on premise as well as hosted / development communities.

The best way to get in touch with us is via the centos-devel mailing list ( http://lists.centos.org/mailman/listinfo/centos-devel ); and can also sometimes be found on #centos-devel at Libera.chat.

8. Why This SIG Is Important

Its important that the CentOS Project is able to bring in a group of people who understand the on premise cloud ecosystem well, in order to deliver same experience of Core CentOS product to the users who will be using CentOS as their primary cloud infrastructure OS.

9. Resources Needed

We expect the following from the CentOS Project:

In addition to this list, we might also need other resources from time to time in order to execute on the CCS mandate; as and when the requirements come up, we will push them up to the CentOS Board for approval.

From time to time we might need to solicit independent sponsorship from third party vendors and projects to further the CCS interests and mandate.

10. Bootstrap Process

There are some existing packages, and we would like to bootstrap with that - aiming to meet Fedora Packaging Guidelines over a period of time. The involved projects are considered strong upstreams and because they are actively involved in the SIG, they can be relied upon to maintain all their own packages, even redistributable binary blobs, .jar files, and so forth.

11. Onboarding process

11.0.1. Editing this page

All SIG members should be able to edit this page, if you are unable to do so, please get in touch on the centos-docs list or contact one of the existing members.

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