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SIG Status: Proposed

Note: The community behind this SIG eventually determined that OpenHPC is the better place to do this work, and the proposal remains here for archival purposes only.

1. Goals

This SIG will provide tools used in HPC environments to allow for easier stand-up, configuration, and deployment of HPC clusters. Primary reason for the SIG's existence will be to improve the state of High performance computing related packages on CentOS and similar distributions, with special focus on stability of builds, CentOS (and similar distribution) related improvements for OpenHPC project and getting new HPC packages built.

Initial bootstrap stacks:

The SIG will provide packages and package repos, with goals to provide containers and ci as the SIG matures and develops.

2. Deliverables

The output of HPC SIG will consist of

Our content will follow the established model, wherein content is built and tag'd as Candidate, once approved by the contributor, we will tag all content as 'Testing' allowing it to then be promoted towards an early adopter, tester, developer audience. Once an acceptable test level is reached without issues, we will tag content for 'Release'. At this time, its available for other SIGs to consume, and available on user machines etc.

Released packages are available after adding the release repository via yum install centos-release-hpc.

3. Mailing List and Communication

Preferred coordination and communication is using centos-devel@centos.org or using #centos-devel on freenode. For emails, please consider to tag the mail by adding [!HPC] to the subject. In the future, if the volume of conversation goes up to a point where its a distraction, we might request our own dedicated mailing list.

We might also request that major announcements like version update and events are announced via the official CentOS formats, including the announce list, social media, irc and other related venues.

We shall also aim to ensure all releases and announcements are pushed via upstream venues, specially those that represent the content being released.

4. Resource requests

We will request resources as and when needed, however to start up we would want :

5. SIG Membership

There will be a core set of admins in our steering committee, who will verify all further requests to join the SIG and a series of committers. Admins might change in due course, and we will aim to maintain a low barrier for commit access. All authorisations will run via accounts.centos.org.

For persons interested in contributing to the SIG, please send a mail to the centos-devel mailing list and announce your interest. We also host regular weekly meetings, please join the meeting. You should be able to see our meeting schedule at https://www.centos.org/community/calendar

The steering committee now consists of:

2023-09-11 07:23