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NFV SIG - OpenDaylight

This wiki documents the OpenDaylight (ODL) packaging efforts that take part under the Network Function Visualization (NFV) Special Interest Group (SIG).

1. Overview

The upstream OpenDaylight Integration/Packaging project, which is responsible for ODL packaging and delivery, collaborates with the CentOS NFV SIG to build and host OpenDaylight RPMs on CentOS's Koji-based build system.

2. Versioning

This section explains how Koji tags are related to OpenDaylight versions.

For OpenDaylight versioning documentation, see the upstream OpenDaylight Versioning docs. In short, OpenDaylight's major versions are Simultaneous Releases, minor versions are Service Releases, and pre-release versioning happens in the RPM release tag, as recommended by the Fedora Packaging Guidelines.

For each OpenDaylight major release there is a main tag and buildroot (nfv7-opendaylight-4-*). For minor releases there are additional tags (nfv7-opendaylight-<40,41,42,43,44>-*). The *-testing tags are used for testing pre-release versions, *-release tags are used for hosting official releases.

The main tags (nfv7-opendaylight-4-*) are always used for the latest release/pre-release builds from that major version, including through minor version bumps. The nfv7-opendaylight-4-release tag started with ODL Beryllium, then went SR1-SR4. The nfv7-opendaylight-4-testing tag always has the latest build of the stable/beryllium branch.

The tags that specify minor versions are pinned to an SR once it's released. The nfv7-opendaylight-40-release tag will always have Beryllium's major release, nfv7-opendaylight-41-release will always have Beryllium SR1, etc.

3. Contact

Daniel Farrell, the ODL Integration/Packaging Project Technical Lead, is the primary maintainer of OpenDaylight's RPMs.

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