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SIG Status: Approved

Board Member Helping Bootstrap: KaranbirSingh

The CentOS PaaS SIG will work on delivering multiple PaaS Stacks that are built, tested and delivered into the CentOS Ecosystem for end user consumption, run as a service and also provided in various formats ( rpms, containers, images etc ) for other efforts in the CentOS Ecosystem, that can derive value from this content.

1. Goals

2. Mailing List and Communication

Work relevant to CentOS build systems, etc. will take place on centos-devel mailing list. Work related to upstream interfaces will take place on the relevant lists, starting with the openshift origin content be discussed at http://lists.openshift.redhat.com/openshiftmm/listinfo/dev.

Note that we will aim to also deliver a service hosted within the CentOS Infrastructure, therefore content will traverse multiple CentOS forums, lists, channels, sites.

3. Documentation

4. SIG Membership

The PaaS SIG will have a steering committee and committers. The steering committee now consists of:

New committers and steering committee members are appointed by the steering committee. Committer privileges, once earned, do not expire unless revoked by the steering committee. The steering committee will appoint a chair to interface with the CentOS Board.

5. Meetings

The CentOS PaaS SIG will initially meet weekly (Wednesday @17:00 UTC) until all pieces are in place for regular releases, then as needed.

Note: the meeting minutes & log can be found at https://www.centos.org/minutes/2018 - i.e the file name is "centos-devel.<date-time>.log.html"

6. Roadmap and (Action) TODO List

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