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Samba is a free SMB and CIFS client and server and Domain Controller for UNIX and other operating systems.

1. Samba in Storage SIG

Samba rpms from Storage SIG are built with internal sources of dependent libraries for libtalloc, libtevent, libtdb and libldb. Therefore it is expected to not have any dependency on system installed version of those libraries. In case you find such an explicit requirement, feel free to report on CentOS Bug Tracker

In addition to standard Samba packages, we ship samba-vfs-glusterfs rpm containing VFS module for GlusterFS integration via libgfapi.

Note:- Packages from Storage SIG does not contain necessary elements to setup Samba as an AD Domain Controller(DC) and are built with system MIT kerberos requirement for other configurations.


Following version streams are available for Samba via Storage SIG:

* centos-release-samba411 on CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 Linux for Samba v4.11.x

* centos-release-samba412 on CentOS 8 Linux for Samba v4.12.x

* centos-release-samba413 on CentOS 8 Linux and CentOS 8 Stream for Samba v4.13.x

* centos-release-samba414 on CentOS 8 Linux, CentOS 8 Stream and CentOS 9 Stream for Samba v4.14.x

* centos-release-samba415 on CentOS 8 Linux, CentOS 8 Stream and CentOS 9 Stream for Samba v4.15.x

* centos-release-samba416 on CentOS 8 Stream and CentOS 9 Stream for Samba v4.16.x

Use centos-release-samba package to set up repositories for fetching Samba packages i.e,

# yum install centos-release-samba

Finally install required Samba rpms.

# yum install samba
# yum install samba-vfs-glusterfs


Refer following sections from Samba Wiki on various documentation details:

* User Documentation

* Developer Documentation

* Contribution

1. GlusterFS Integration

Refer following links from Gluster upstream docs for details on SMB/CIFS access to GlusterFS volumes:

* GlusterFS integration

* Client access


In general we have Samba's well known selftest configured to be run against each Merge Request at GitLab.

On the other side, we do have nightly CI runs against upstream code base of both Samba and GlusterFS Mainline Samba GlusterFS integration with following jobs:

* gluster_samba-integration

* CentOS 8 nightly build job

* CentOS 9 nightly build job

* Fedora 35 nightly build job

* Fedora 36 nightly build job

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