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CentOS Stream Feature Request SIG

SIG Status: Approved

1. Purpose

The purpose of this SIG will be to serve as a gate for feature requests that are first developed in CentOS Stream from contributors who wish to request these features to be included in future RHEL releases and are then filed in bugzilla. The SIGs overall goal is to make sure that features which have been filed and have technical merit are triaged internally to the correct venue for further review and development. The SIG will take ownership of regular bugzilla reviews filed under Stream and map feature requests from these bugzillas against the formal RHEL Feature Request criteria to identify and file qualifying requests inside Red Hat to achieve this.

2. Goals

Provide an entrypoint for features coming from external contributors to request features based on technical merit, developed and verified in CentOS Stream, to be filed as a feature request for the next RHEL release.

3. What's in Scope

4. Whats out of Scope

5. Deliverables

6. Administrative Duties

7. Proposed Initial Members

The following people are the proposed initial members of the SIG based on areas of expertise and value they can provide to developing this process. The membership of this SIG is subject to change and approval.

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