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lars_kurth      gwd-laptop: is there anything we need to discuss today
kbsingh         alphacc: not sure how we communicate gpg pub keys in an auditable manner.
Arrfab          kbsingh: that's what we thought, assuming all people involved in SIGs have a 
                gpg key
kbsingh         putting them on bugs.centos.org with a request ? but how do we validate 
                ( form known user accounts? )
kbsingh         Arrfab: we can make a gpg key a requirement
lars_kurth      kbsingh: hi, I didn't realize you were going to join. Sorry for being late
Arrfab          kbsingh: but long story short : I thought that the trigger would happen from 
                git when SIGs members would commit/push so the koji x509 cert we're talking 
                about is for "scratch builds" 
alphacc         and actions on koji promoting from -testing to -release
gwd-laptop      lars_kurth: Well, there's the status of the 4.4.1 update -- I sent a link 
                to Johnny but I don't know if he's had a chance to look at it yet.
gwd-laptop      lars_kurth: There's the status of the community build system as well; there was
                some discussion about making Xen an early example of it, but I haven't had any 
                follow-up with that.
kbsingh         Arrfab: the git trigger is also good to have, we will end up using it quite a 
                bit - but we need the ability for people to run scratch builds as well.
lars_kurth      I talked to him at OSCON briefly. Not sure he had time to look at it
kbsingh         lars_kurth: gwd-laptop hey, am in meetings here - so only partially on irc
kbsingh         btw, working with alphacc and Arrfab to see if we can get builders access 
                setup - even if just to play at this point, so we can start working on the 
                rpm build process
lars_kurth      gwd-laptop: can you post the log at the end of the meeting
kbsingh         alphacc: totally. I just want someway to make a srpm become a rpm -
lars_kurth      gwd-laptop: can you give the 4.4.1 update (or have you done so already). It would 
                probably make sense to do this on the list
kbsingh         alphacc: i realise there are a string of things that need to be still done before 
                cbs.c.o is 'user ready', and we need to get those done too - but just having the
                ability to build rpms would allow me to start working on tooling and things on 
                this end
bstinson        can i get on the list for some creds to start playing with centpkg?
Arrfab          kbsingh: so I guess alphacc needs to create target for SIGs, allowed users, tags, 
                etc and give those informations for users
kbsingh         can we just have a target called 'testingkoji' or 'bananas'
kbsingh         bstinson: i was here first
alphacc         Sure do you want it for 5 6 7 ?
kbsingh         alphacc: yes please.
kbsingh         also, i think bstinson just offered to write the user docs
bstinson        kbsingh: hehi figured such a list was FIFO so i better get in quick
alphacc         I need to suscribe to centos-docs and ask where we should put SIG doc
kbsingh         also, crap - my main key is 1024bytes,
kbsingh         now is a good time to do a 2k key
kbsingh         i vote to put gwd-laptop on that list as well, so we can start playing
lars_kurth      kbsingh, gwd-laptop: agreed
alphacc         ok so please PM me emails/gpg pub.
kbsingh         alphacc: i think we should use bugs.c.o
kbsingh         we have a project there for buildsys
kbsingh         let people request access, and post their gpg-keys there
alphacc         ok great if it's already created
kbsingh         are folks unhappy with putting email address there publicly ?
lars_kurth      does gwd-laptop has access to bugs? Or is it open to everyone
kbsingh         the gpg key comment needs to email anyway right ?
kbsingh         lars_kurth: should be open
lars_kurth      gwd-laptop: is that proposal alright with you?
kbsingh         we need a new category
kbsingh         alphacc: do you have an account there on bugs? i can make it the default assignee
kbsingh         bstinson: same for you - i can make centpkg bugs be asigned to you by default
alphacc         kbsingh: now yes
bstinson        kbsingh: wfm
lars_kurth      gwd-laptop: are you still there?
puzzled         hey kbsingh
kbsingh         http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=7439
kbsingh         alphacc: ^
lars_kurth      kbsingh: what's the status of the community build system. Johny told me it's 
                progressing but keys, etc. are an issue which we just covered
kbsingh         of course the account name is my email address... clearly i dont get enough spam
                enough even
kbsingh         lars_kurth: the basic stuff is up - i think were ok to strat playing while 
                alphacc works on the rest of the mechanics.
lars_kurth      I think we lost gwd-laptop though
Arrfab          lars_kurth: cbs.centos.org is there, and that's what we're talking about. As 
                kbsingh said, it's the process of "enabling users/allowing them to build against 
                specific targets/build env and delivering them the x509 cert" that needs to be 
alphacc         And how we puppetise all that.
lars_kurth      That's what I got from hughesjr when I saw him at OSCON last week.
lars_kurth      Did I miss anything in the first 15 minutes of the conversation?
Arrfab          alphacc: that part is also "done" (95%)
alphacc         not the koji bootstraping itself
alphacc         it's not clear if we want to do that in puppet either
Arrfab          alphacc: what do you mean by "koji bootstrapping" ?
alphacc         populating buildroot tags, sig tags, etc\all action on the DB
Arrfab          alphacc: can be done through "exec" resource type (that's how puppet now init the 
                postgresql db, create the initial admin user, etc)
alphacc         yes. The idea is to get one script per SIG. and this script executed by kojiadmin.
Arrfab          alphacc: but that can be discussed later : giving access to SIGs member now is 
                priority #1, even if that means now executing "koji" commands from an admin cli
alphacc         Great.
Arrfab          The only thing with our setup atm is the hostname of the first builder but that 
                can be changed if needed
alphacc         And the 5min koji tutorial, which I need to dump on a wiki somewhere.
kbsingh         alphacc: ok, i need to rebase over into this meeting - they are now talking about 
kbsingh         alphacc: will you email me whatever is needed and a few bits of docs/ pointers 
                to howto get started ?
kbsingh         thanks in advance
gwd-laptop      Sorry, network here is really spotty...
alphacc         Yes I add the gpg part to the script and email you that.
lars_kurth      gwd-laptop: I have enough of the log ... although it is formatted badly and I 
                can only send later
lars_kurth      I am going to have to hop onto another call

2023-09-11 07:23