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Topics we did cover

1. Action Updates

List at status has been updated

2. Coordinating work items (George)

Conclusion :

ACTION KB: start discussion on the CentOS-devel list

3. qemu package maintenance by oVirt (Douglas)

Sounds in principle OK. The best approach would be to make a concrete proposal on the list and get community feedback

ACTION Douglas: Make a concrete proposal on the list with repos and spec files, etc and then have a discussion on the list

At some point, we also need to write everything up on the wiki

4. oVirt's position within the CentOS SIG (Brian)

Had a discussion with Jim Perry and KB. Want to make sure that oVirt is part of CentOS sure. No clarity at this point whether oVirt is in the Virt SIG or Cloud SIG.

Conclusion : We should assume for now that including oVirt is sensible and revisit, if there are difficult technical reasons why another SIG may be better suited.

ACTIONS Brian: Brian to make a proposal on the virt list. The key is to figure out all the dependencies.

Topics we did not cover

1. Roadmap

See Roadmap thread Probably need a wiki page

2. RPM subpackage structure

3. Bug tracker

See Bug Tracker thread

4. Mailing list policy

See Mailing List policy thread

2023-09-11 07:23