The CentOS Artwork SIG

The CentOS Artwork SIG exists to produce The CentOS Project Visual Identity. The CentOS Artwork SIG is an organizational unit of The CentOS Project, made of volunteers, interested in making The CentOS Project the most beautiful and recognized GNU/Linux project in the world. The CentOS Artwork SIG focuses its efforts in the visual media The CentOS Project manifests its existence on. The visual manifestations are also considered work lines.

The CentOS Artwork SIG describes The CentOS Project visual manifestations using The CentOS Models.

The CentOS Artwork SIG connects The CentOS Project visual manifestations using The CentOS Brand on them.

The CentOS Artwork SIG reinforces the unique name connection between visual manifestations using The CentOS Motifs on them.

The CentOS Artwork SIG uses idFORGE Framework to organize and automate the production process related to the visual identity of The CentOS Project.

NOTE: Since artwork is the public face of CentOS, the CentOS development team has the final say in what is accepted as official release/promotion artwork.


For a progress overview of various tasks and a todo list, have a look at our current status page.


Artwork can be discussed on the CentOS-devel list. SIG members are appointed by the SIG team leader, and maintain certain resources related to the SIG (e.g documentation in the Wiki or packages).


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