SIG Status: Approved

Board Member Helping Bootstrap: KaranbirSingh

The CentOS PaaS SIG will work on delivering multiple PaaS Stacks that are built, tested and delivered into the CentOS Ecosystem for end user consumption, run as a service and also provided in various formats ( rpms, containers, images etc ) for other efforts in the CentOS Ecosystem, that can derive value from this content.


Mailing List and Communication

Work relevant to CentOS build systems, etc. will take place on centos-devel mailing list. Work related to upstream interfaces will take place on the relevant lists, starting with the openshift origin content be discussed at http://lists.openshift.redhat.com/openshiftmm/listinfo/dev.

Note that we will aim to also deliver a service hosted within the CentOS Infrastructure, therefore content will traverse multiple CentOS forums, lists, channels, sites.


SIG Membership

The PaaS SIG will have a steering committee and committers. The steering committee now consists of:

New committers and steering committee members are appointed by the steering committee. Committer privileges, once earned, do not expire unless revoked by the steering committee. The steering committee will appoint a chair to interface with the CentOS Board.


The CentOS PaaS SIG will initially meet weekly (Wednesday @17:00 UTC) until all pieces are in place for regular releases, then as needed.

Note: the meeting minutes & log can be found at https://www.centos.org/minutes/2018 - i.e the file name is "centos-devel.<date-time>.log.html"

Roadmap and (Action) TODO List

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