Name Of SIG Here

SIG Status: Proposed

Current Steering Committee Chair: WikiNameOfTheSigChair

Board Member Helping Bootstrap: WikiNameOfTheSigSponsor

Short description of the SIG and its purpose


Current measurable SIG objectives go here

Mailing List and Communication

Answer the question: How do SIG members collaborate?

SIG Membership

Describe your access control strategy, generally there are members of a steering committee and a wider group of members with commit access.

The steering committee now consists of:

Describe how the SIG will add members to the committers group and to the steering committee

Describe what duties (if any) must be performed by each group to retain membership

Describe how the Steering Committee Chairperson is chosen


What format, where, and what time do the regular meetings take place?

Roadmap and (Action) TODO List

Further Info

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