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The CentOS Storage Special Interest Group (SIG) is a collection of like-minded individuals coming together to ensure that CentOS is a suitable platform for many different storage solutions. This group will ensure that all Open Source storage options seeking to utilize CentOS as a delivery platform have a voice in packaging, orchestration, deployment, and related work.


Participating Projects

User Documentation

The Storage SIG provides centos-release-<project> packages in the CentOS Extras repository. This makes it easy for users to install projects from the Storage SIG, only two steps are needed, i.e.:

# yum install centos-release-gluster
# yum install glusterfs-server

NOTE: At this time, the centos-release-<project> packages from the Storage SIG are not included in CentOS Extras yet, packages are available for testing.

Available release packages that provide different repositories:

Documentation that describes how to configure and use the projects have their own pages:

Mailing List

Storage SIG is using centos-devel mailing list and #centos-devel (IRC) for all communication.


IRC Meetings will be held every other Friday from 15:30-16:30 UTC i.e. London time as per calendar

Getting Involved

Generic Documentation For Storage SIG

Documentation for understanding the package workflow/lifecycle in storage SIG

SIG Membership

Current Members

Committer privileges, once earned, do not expire unless revoked by the steering committee.

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