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The CentOS Storage Special Interest Group (SIG) is a collection of like-minded individuals coming together to ensure that CentOS is a suitable platform for many different storage solutions. This group will ensure that all Open Source storage options seeking to utilize CentOS as a delivery platform have a voice in packaging, orchestration, deployment, and related work.


Participating Projects

User Documentation

The Storage SIG provides centos-release-<project> packages in the CentOS Extras repository. This makes it easy for users to install projects from the Storage SIG, only two steps are needed, i.e.:

# yum install centos-release-gluster
# yum install glusterfs-server

Or for example for Ceph:

# yum install centos-release-ceph-luminous
# yum install ceph-{mon,osd,...}

Available release packages for GlusterFS and NFS-Ganesha that provide associated releases:

Available release packages for Ceph:

Available release packages for NFS-Ganesha (beginning with NFS-Ganesha-2.8):


Documentation that describes how to configure and use the projects have their own pages:

Mailing List

Storage SIG is using centos-devel mailing list and #centos-devel (IRC) for all communication.


IRC Meetings are happening ad-hoc and are not scheduled in the calendar. If there is a need for regular meetings, contact the members of the SIG to decide on a suitable day+time.

Getting Involved

Generic Documentation For Storage SIG

Documentation for understanding the package workflow/lifecycle in storage SIG

SIG Membership

Current Members

Committer privileges, once earned, do not expire unless revoked by the steering committee.

Resigned Members

We like to thank the following persons that have helped the SIG to become what it is today:

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