Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIG) are smaller groups within the CentOS community that focus on a small set of issues, in order to either create awareness or to focus on development along a specific topic. Each SIG can seek a dedicated section on the wiki, along with an option to display the names of the people involved in that SIG. A mailing list on the CentOS list server can also be setup as well. As proper, and subject to available resources, other resources they might need (eg. a SCM system, web hosting space, admin services, etc.) may be offered.

The following SIGs already exist:

Proposals not yet onboarded

Planning and Getting Started

Deploying State

Stable Overall

Mature in Production, self supporting

Future SIGs

These may include (voice your interest and opinion on the centos-devel@centos.org mailinglist):

Setting up a new SIG

Anyone can propose to setup a SIG, but needs to get the agreement and participation of a member of the CentOS Devteam. To request a new Special interest group to be started, here is what needs to be done:


We expect each SIG to meet some basic requirements, these include :

SIG membership

Normally, the following rules for SIG membership apply:

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