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How to Configure Gnome Automount

This is especially applicable for configuring a USB flash drives to be auto-mounted.

/!\ If the file system you wish to automount is NTFS, first complete the "Installing required packages" section of How to Mount an NTFS Filesystem

/!\ Gnome automount does not work if the filesystem you wish to automount has an entry in /etc/fstab.

To configure gnome automount complete the following:

  1. yum install gconf-editor
  2. In gnome, go to Applications/System Tools/Configuration Editor
  3. In the graphical editor, in the left window, go to system/storage/default_options/
  4. Select the file system of the device you want to automount
  5. In the right window, double click on "mount_options"
  6. Add, remove, and/or edit mount options as desired (e.g. umask=[desired value], uid=[desired value], gid=[desired value], etc.).

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