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Httpd Customization

Apache httpd is the application used by CentOS as web server.

The goal of this customization is to unify as much as possible the visual appearance of all web applications used by CentOS. Instead of repeating the same style in each application, it could be available in just one place (Ex. /var/www/error/include/ ) and then be linked by those application that need it.

This common design will be in a file called common.css. This file should have common declarations only. In those cases that specific declarations are needed a new file for that specific application could be created.

Developers should use common.css file as base style and after it the specific application style file.

In this customization we can use the indexing feature of apache to manage downloads, docs, personal directories, and anything like that.

Some tests were made with the apache test page too.

The following httpd customization is available:




To test this customization you should:

  1. Install httpd package (yum install httpd)

  2. Run the install.sh script provided with the customization.
  3. Start httpd (/sbin/service httpd start)

  4. That's all ... customization should be available for you to test now

2023-09-11 07:23