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This is a read-only archived version of wiki.centos.org

Website Version 2

Old proposals are Here, the project itself is now developed on http://qaweb.dev.centos.org

Wireframes and everything else can be found there.

1. Notes on the new proposal

Here are some notes on the new proposal (and some meeting notes from a meeting in #centos-devel two weeks ago).

1.1. Web site layout and existing content review

This is an example new site layout with pages that will need updating or new content. The existing page(s) are in parenthesis. See the centos.org site map for the existing structure. The News is only found on the Home page. It can be the twitter feed, planet rss, a mix, etc. Estimate total number of pages for the web site to be less then 15 and the rest are links to existing sub-systems.

1.2. WireFrame Concept A

Nothing special. Just a starting point.


2. Notes from the discussion on 2011-04-07

2.1. URLs

2.2. Concepts

2.3. ToDo

2.4. Content

2.5. Tasks

2.6. JimWoods suggestions (see above)

2.7. Tech

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