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Marketing Material

General information

Font: Handel Gothic D Bold

Logo colors: *please verify*

Vector based artwork

Official Logo

3D Emboss Logo

This logo was created by Nicu Buculei

Bitmap based artwork

Bitmap images are best extracted from the SVG format for optimal result.

Nevertheless bitmap logos are available from:

Get CentOS

Gideon did a nice "Get CentOS" bitmap which you can put on your blog, website, whatever:


We have printed a batch of flyers for FOSDEM2007, that were used for other events as well. Here is an archive of the Scribus file used to design the flyer.


For a template for presentations and a list of existing presentations, go here:

Business Cards

This business card was created by Dag Wieƫrs:

CentOS shirts

Here is the CentOS Shirt design 1.1:

CD Stamps & Labels

This was made into a self inking stamp to stamp onto the give away DVDs. We used inkjet DVDs which worked well. Some brands dried quicker than others so YMMV. It was done in Corel Draw but could easily be replicated in Inkscape.

Note the paper size. If you want to print actual size, turn of 'fit to page'. The 'CentOS 5.1' text should be about 4.5cm wide. Once you have the stamp, a new rubber insert can be made when a new version comes out so you don't need a whole new stamp.

This is the layout we used to print labels for the CentOS 5.1 LiveCD we handed out at Fosdem 2008.


The poster uses the 3D logo from

You also need the Handel Gothic font.


This was printed onto A4 sticker paper and then guillotined into stickers.

Fosdem Posters

These posters were used at Fosdem 2007 & Linuxtag 2007

Proposed Poster

This is another proposed poster

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