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Toshiba Tecra M2

There were a number of different laptop models released by Toshiba over the years under the "Tecra" label -- these laptops usually are their business range and components don't change much over time although they do get up-specced. What works here is faily generic for the range but may not be exactly correct for your model.

1. Hardware information

1.1. Standard Features

2. CentOS-5

2.1. Installation

2.2. Post-installation notes

Pretty much everything on this laptop works out of the box.

2.3. Issues


2.4. Models tested

Tecra M2.

3. CentOS-4

A previous install of the upstream vendor's distribution on which CentOS-4 was based had no issues, although in some kernel revisions there was no working sound driver. An update to the latest CentOS-4 kernel should resolve this issue.

4. Links


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