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Clear message

CentOS Newsletter editing


Ideas / TODO

A few things need to be done when we release the Newsletter:

NewsletterGroup meetings

We would like to have one meeting every two weeks to prepare the next newsletter. Since most of the sections are well-defined regarding content, the meetings focus on brainstorming about interesting topics and sharing the workload for articles and interviews.

A schedule for the meetings is at Newsletter/Meetings.


We maintain a Newsletter/NewsletterTemplate with useful links for the different sections. If you have interesting sources for CentOS related content, add them to this template.

Improvements to newer newsletter issues should flow back into the template as it is the basis of the upcoming newsletter.

Upcoming issues

Members of the NewsletterGroup can help work on the upcoming content directly:


Tasks to complete for publishing

Published websites

We aim to have the CentOS newsletter appear on various sites:

For this we would like to have a small summary for each issue highlighting the most important content of the newsletter.

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