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The CentOS Motifs

The CentOS Artwork SIG creates artistic motifs to define how final images look and feel, based on design models.

Images related to artistic motifs are published as PNG images and created using applications like Inkscape and GIMP. One important characteristic of artistic motifs is preserving one unique visual style for all the PNG images they are made of. Each artistic motif is considered a single unit of visual information. It is possible to have several artistic motifs and produce final images for all of them using one single set of design models. Artistic motifs give plenty of room for graphic designers to express their artistic creativeness. As convention, artistic motifs don't include any specific brand or textual information on them. They are simply considered background images.

The CentOS Artwork SIG produces the following artistic motifs:

The CentOS Artwork SIG describes the process of producing artistic motifs in the Artistic Motifs Guidelines.

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