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The CentOS Distribution - Design Models

The CentOS Artwork SIG controls The CentOS Distribution visual style through final image files and text-based files affecting the presentation of these final images.

The CentOS Artwork SIG creates final image files as result of combining design models and artistic motifs.

The CentOS Artwork SIG produces design models for the following major releases of The CentOS Distribution:

The CentOS Artwork SIG downloads the most recent sources of redhat-logos and redhat-artwork packages from freely available sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to study them and identify what files in them demand design models, as well as any modification needed to comply with Red Had redistribution guidelines.

The CentOS Artwork SIG updates the information related to design models in this wiki, based on the previous study of redhat-logos and redhat-artwork source packages.

The CentOS Artwork SIG updates design models inside The CentOS Artwork Repository, based on the information related to design models published in the wiki. This point also includes the actualization of design models' related files (e.g., localization files and configuration files).

The CentOS Artwork SIG releases new versions of The CentOS Artwork Repository (tcar) package when new design models have been included into it. At this point, graphic designers can install or update the tcar package using yum in their workstations to begin the artistic motif creation process, using the design models and tools distributed with The CentOS Artwork Repository.

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