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Customization Guidelines

Web Developers: If you are planning to develop a new web application for CentOS, please consider using the following visual style as base to your work, and joining the effort to make it better.

1. Common Style

CSS definitions used to build the base "CentOS Web Visual Style". It should always be loaded in first place.

2. Miscellaneous Style

CSS definitions used to build visual effects. New definitions may be grouped in separate files as time goes by.

3. Specific Web Application Style

CSS definitions used on specific web applications.

CentOS uses many different applications to handle its needs. Different web applications generally have different visual presentations. One of our goals is to have a common visual presentation along the web applications we use. Another one is to update web applications' source code without breaking the already defined common visual style.

The visual presentation of most web applications is generally based both on HTML style definitions and CSS definitions. These definitions are dependent one each other and should match in order to have effect when the page is rendered in a web client.

If we want to have a common visual presentation for all those applications that actually have different ones, it is inevitable to modify them. If we want to modify them, we need to define how we are going to do it.

The following are some ideas to consider; feel free to add yours and improve what we have until now:

3.1. Schema #1


3.2. Schema #2


3.3. Schema #3


3.4. CSS Hierarchy

4. HTML/CSS Definitions

The following file has a set of HTML and CSS files with a first implementation of Common and Miscellaneous section. It is here for you to check and improve.

5. Contributions

See The CentOS Artwork Repository.

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