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CentOS Dojo Bangalore, India, Saturday 15th November 2014

A one day sysadmin centric learning and sharing experience

The CentOS Dojo's are a one day event, organised around the world, that bring together people from the CentOS Communities to talk about systems administration, best practises in linux centric activities and emerging technologies of note. The emphasis is to find local speakers and tutors to come together and talk about things that they care about most, and to share stories from their experiences working with CentOS in various scenarios.

Event Sponsors: redhat1.jpg

Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd


In order to keep the sessions productive, the number of seats available are limited. We encourage everyone to register as early as possible.

Registrations close 48 hrs before the event and everyone registering gets an exclusive CentOS Dojo T-shirt.

Registrations are running via Event Brite. Click Here to Register Now.

Speakers and Agenda

09:30 AM Registration

10:00 AM An introduction to Docker and Project Atomic

11:45 AM Be Secure with SELinux Gyan

01:15 PM Lunch

02:15 PM Scale out storage on CentOS using GlusterFS

03:15 PM Network Debugging

04:15 PM Tea break

04:30 PM Systemd on CentOS

Please use the twitter hashtag #centosdojo

Confirmed Sessions

Topic: An introduction to Docker and Project Atomic.

Speaker: Aditya Patawari

Description: This workshop will focus on getting started with Docker with an introduction to Project Atomic. We'll discuss why Docker can be a better choice than Linux containers and virtual machines in many scenarios. We'll discuss rpm-ostree and its advantages followed by running a CentOS Atomic host feeding it cloud-init data. We'll also create custom docker images from CentOS image which can be shipped anywhere via docker repositories.


Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/AdityaPatawari/docker-centosdojo

Topic: Be Secure with SELinux Gyan

Speaker: Rejy M Cyriac

Description: Troubleshooting SELinux issues, and getting started on making custom SELinux policy modules

Slides: http://rejy.net/presentations/Be_Secure_with_SELinux_Gyan.pdf

Topic: Scale out storage on CentOS using GlusterFS

Speaker: Raghavendra Talur


The talk will focus on

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/raghavendratalur/gluster

Topic: Systemd on CentOS

Speaker: Saifi Khan


The focus of the talk is:

What will not be covered


Intended audience

Topic: Network Debugging

Speaker: Jijesh Kalliyat

Description: The talk will cover below key points

Slides: Network-jkalliyat.pdf


Red Hat India Pvt Ltd, 11th Floor, Tower D, IBC Knowledge Park, No. 4/1 Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560029, India, Tel: +91 80 3924 5000

Local Hotels


We have sponsorship opportunities available, please get in touch with us at Donateaddress for more details. NOTE: This is a not for profit event, all funds raised as a part of the CentOS Dojo effort are rolled into the CentOS promo fund and will be used for further CentOS Dojo Events-

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