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FOSDEM 2007 (Free and Open Source Developer's European Meeting)

Single Point of Contact: DagWieers

Pictures from FOSDEM 2007 and presentation slides


A Google Calendar schedule is available from here. [XML] [ICAL] [HTML]

It contains both the deadlines, the events and the presentation schedules (preliminary).

IRC Meeting in #centos-social on 2007-01-14

To do

What needs to be done before FOSDEM?

To bring

What do we need to bring to FOSDEM?

Please put your name behind each item if you're bringing it.


What do we want to achieve/show at FOSDEM?


Who's willing to help ?

Hardware Insurance

Like last year, FOSDEM will provide hardware insurance (free of cost for people manning the booth and the devroom) for all the hardware you bring.

The insurance is restricted for CentOS presenters and people manning the booth.

For every device you bring along and that you want to be covered by their insurance, you must send us the following data:

FOSDEM will only cover the hardware for which they have received the information above *before Mon 19 February*. Please send this information to DagWieers as soon as possible.


Looks like the Fosdem site has a page for this at http://www.fosdem.org/2007/schedule/tracks/centosfedora what do we need to do in order to get the talks etc listed there ?




Saturday 24/2

14h - 15h

Introduction to CentOS + Q&A


15h - 16h

Introduction to Fedora


16h - 16h30

How to use the belgian eID card under CentOS Linux


16h30 - 17h

OpenVZ virtualization on CentOS


17h - 18h

Fedora Directory Server


18h - 19h

RPMforge - Enterprise Linux packaging for CentOS and RHEL


Sunday 25/2

09h - 10h

Java Status on Fedora


10h - 11h

Introduction to CentOS + Q&A


11h - 12h

Fedora's plans for 2007 + Q&A


12h - 13h

RPM packaging ...


13h - 14h

Introduction to Fedora French Users


14h - 15h

CentOS infrastructure and roadmap


15h - 16h

Logical Volume Management


16h - 17h

Contributing to CentOS


17h - 18h

Fedora European Team


Add your topic and name to this list. If you're interested to help, join one of the topics.

Title: CentOS introduction

Title: OpenVZ virtualization on CentOS

Title: Contributing to CentOS

Title: CentOS infrastructure and roadmap

Title: How to use the Belgian eID card under CentOS Linux

Title: RPM packaging ...

Title: RPMforge - Enterprise Linux packaging for CentOS and RHEL

RPMforge is a 3rd party repository of RPM packages that finds it roots in individual packaging projects from FreshRPMS (Matthias Saou), Dag Wieers and Dries Verachtert.

A lot of things happened since the very first RPM packages were made against Red Hat Linux and where RPMforge stands today. The advent of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the replacement of Red Hat Linux by Fedora Linux, the availability of RHEL clones, Fedora Extras and the present dominance of CentOS changed how 3rd party repositories worked and interfaced with communities.

This presentation will give an historical overview of how RPMforge came to be, where it is today and where we are heading to. For current RPMforge users we will touch the subject on how you can contribute and discuss ways to accelerate development.

RPMforge RPM packages for CentOS and RHEL


Shirts that were ordered for the people attending the fosdem :

Color will be 'Navy blue' for everybody. Price is 22.5 euros/shirt and has to be paid at the fosdem to Fabian

Here is the logo that will appear on the shirt (this is a sample and i tooked Ralph's name because it's the longer one ...) :


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