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Mailing Lists

1. CentOS Mailing Lists and Posting Guidelines

The primary language of CentOS email mailing lists is English. If you don't speak English, there are several non English mailing lists, see below.

Participants of any CentOS support venue: the mailing lists, IRC, the forums, are expected to maintain a reasonable standard of civility and netiquette when participating.

All public mailing lists are archived and those archives are searchable - there's a search box in the upper left corner on each of the lists listinfo page. If you have privacy concerns, please do not post publicly.

Trim! Quoting should not exceed that which is necessary to convey context, this is especially relevant to members subscribed to the digested version of the list.

This of course means no top posting either. Edit your replies; if people need more context they can go back into the mailing list archive themselves.

The use of HTML is strongly discouraged. Signatures should preferably be short and to the point, and those containing 'disclaimers' should be avoided where possible.

Attachments should be avoided whenever possible. It's better to put it on the interweb and provide a link. There is a size limit of 40k on the main mailing lists.

Vacation messages, and other automatic replies, should be carefully configured to avoid replying to list postings. Offenders may be excluded from the mailing list until the problem is corrected.

Do not cross-post the same content to more than one mailing list, whether both are CentOS lists, or a mixture of those from CentOS and another project. Again, this is an abuse of the service, is rude, and will not be tolerated.

2. Main Lists

3. Localized (non-English) lists

There also is a Japanese mailing list which does not run on lists.centos.org and so is not an official CentOS venue.

There is a policy page for creating and running new lists, especially lists in other languages.

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