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CentOS Newsletter contributing

1. Contributors

There are many ways to contribute to new newsletter editions:

As a contributor, you will have access to the future newsletter content to manage your own contributions and if you helped with providing us unique content, we will feature your wiki mugshot next to your contribution.

2. How to become a contributor

To become a contributor, you first have to register on this wiki, then send a mail to the centos-docs mailinglist stating your intention to help with the newsletter and the actual contributions you want to make. You will then be added to the NewsletterGroup and have access to read and edit content.

3. Newsletter rationale

Keeping up with all of the activity within the CentOS community is fairly difficult, and the project needs a way for interested parties who are not part of the core team to stay informed of what's going on without having to follow every mailing list.

The community is also growing and doing more events, taking on Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and doing quite a bit that is in need of wider promotion. A regular newsletter will allow us to help keep the larger community informed and engaged.

The CentOS newsletter will:

4. Newsletter releases

The aim is to produce one issue of the newsletter each month. The newsletter is published (made public) on a Tuesday. Right in time for being mentioned in an upcoming LWN edition, and after the weekend. All contributed content needs to be finalized at the end of the weekend. Urgent additions can be added during Monday, but this would be the exception rather than the rule.

5. Newsletter content

The newsletter should always have a positive and motivating attitude, even when soft criticism or opinions are being voiced. Contributions need to be inspiring (both technically as well as socially) and where possible help the reader to feel part of the community.

5.1. Sections

We are looking for a few recurring sections for the newsletter:

5.2. Newsletter spelling/style

(I guess someone native-English can comment on this)

6. Newsletter team

At the moment we are trying to get things off the ground into a certain direction. The plan is to find someone who is eager to continue the newsletter once it is established and a good team and working processes are in place.

Currently the following people have signed up:

But we can definitely use more people for the other sections (Wiki developments, mailing list/forum/blogs, articles in the news) to take ownership.

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