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About QaWeb

QA Web was brought online to help CentOS development and QA teams collaborate and to provide a way to communicate the status of pending releases to the public.

As of 15th March 2013, that website is now disabled.

Whats Next

Since that time, the QA and dev teams have started using some other tools for task tracking and collaboration, and with the improvement to the automatic QA systems, release times have been sped up dramatically. As releases are turned around more quickly and as we are able to better utilize the CR repos1 to provide security updates while still undergoing QA on ISOs and installations, the dev and QA teams have been able to provide more visible updates via the centos-devel mailing list to get community members involved in QA on updated packages. As we continue to improve this process, there becomes less of a need for status updates and release ETAs that used to be shared on the QA Web site. Instead of maintaining a full website only for relaying news of QA and release schedules, we will instead leverage existing platforms such as the forums (in the process of updating/migrating to a more "user friendly" software), email lists, and twitter. Updates will continue to be provided through those avenues, and will allow us to reduce management overhead for maintaining the QA Web environment.

Moving Forward

News will be shared through the usual channels as we begin to migrate to the newer forum solution as a place to provide QA and release updates.

You might also want to keep a track of JeffSheltren since he is the person responsible for this communication from QA to public. And in the mean time if you need help or support for anything, take a look at our GettingHelp pages.

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