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Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) SIG

SIG Status: Active

Board Member Helping Bootstrap: KarstenWade

The CentOS NFV (Network Function Virtualization) SIG will provide a CentOS-based stack that will serve as a platform for the deployment and testing of virtual network functions (VNFs) and NFV component packages on compliant CentOS platform.

1. Goals

2. Mailing List and Communication

Work for the NFV SIG relevant to CentOS build systems, etc. will take place on centos-devel. Work related to which components and packages should be included will take place on the OPNFV project's mailing lists. Most of the discussion as to NFV tech choices to happen on the centos-devel list? As there is a bit of a mix around upstreams (OPNFV is distribution integrator, but it consists of multiple upstream players ultimately), such as fd.io/vpp it might be worth exposing those discussions on the centos-devel list. It is the intent to avoid duplicating work in cloud SIG but to build packages necessary for NFV that are not otherwise available.

3. SIG Membership

Current members (under review):

Current SIG chair: AlfredoMoralejo ThomasHerbert

4. Meetings

The NFV SIG will initially meet bi-weekly until all pieces are in place for regular releases, then as needed.

Proposed meeting times are biweekly starting on 29-July-2020 at 1300 UTC.

4.1. Meeting Details

5. Roadmap and (Action) TODO List

6. Information for consumers

Installing OpenvSwitch and/or OVN

Currently two streams of openvswitch/ovn are available, 2.11 and 2.13.

  1. Enable the NFV SIG OpenvSwitch repo:

    # dnf install centos-release-nfv-openvswitch
  2. To install openvswitch:
    • For 2.11:

      # dnf install openvswitch2.11 network-scripts-openvswitch2.11

      For 2.13:

      # dnf install openvswitch2.13 network-scripts-openvswitch2.13

      For 2.15:

      # dnf install openvswitch2.15 network-scripts-openvswitch2.13

      For 2.16:

      # dnf install openvswitch2.13 network-scripts-openvswitch2.16
  3. To install ovn:
    • For 2.11:

      # dnf install ovn2.11[-host|-vtep]

      For 2.13:

      # dnf install ovn2.13[-host|-vtep]

      For 2021:

      # dnf install ovn-2021[-host|-vtep]

Installing networking extra packages

  1. Enable the NFV SIG extras repo:

    # dnf install centos-release-nfv-extras
  2. To install haproxy 2.X:

    # dnf install haproxy

7. Further Info

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