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Virtualization SIG

1. Goals

The CentOS Virt-SIG wants to build upon the already successfully released Xen4CentOS project. Moving forward the Xen4CentOS codebase will be shifted over to the Virt-SIG resources. We will also need to look at choosing versions of common components, such as qemu, libvirt, etc. that will work for interfacing SIGs and other virtualization components. It would probably be a good idea to carrying the latest KVM for those who want it (but ideally someone from the KVM community would step up and help with the work).


2. Projects

3. Announcements

3.1. oVirt 4.5.0 Release

The CentOS Virtualization SIG on behalf of the oVirt Project Community is pleased to announce the general availability of the oVirt 4.5.0 build for CentOS Stream, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and derivatives. The release is already available on the CentOS mirror network. Read more on the announcement blog post at https://blogs.ovirt.org/2022/04/ovirt-4-5-0-is-now-generally-available/

Many thanks to the other CentOS Special Interest Groups involved in this release. Questions about the release? Please join the discussion on https://lists.ovirt.org/archives/list/users@ovirt.org/

4. Notes on package to be released

Packages are only signed / pushed Monday through Thursday (so as to not surprise the userbase with content on the weekend). Packages tagged for release after 9am UTC on Thursday will not be released to mirrors till Monday 11am UTC.

5. Mailing List

This SIG mailing list (centos-virt) is open and can be joined freely.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are not subscribed to the list, posts to the list are auto-discarded! This is a long-standing and established mode of operation of all of the CentOS Project's mailing lists.

6. SIG Membership

SIG members are appointed by the SIG team leader, and maintain certain resources related to the SIG (e.g. documentation in the Wiki or packages). Please contact SIG members via the centos-virt list.

7. Meetings

Meetings are held every two weeks (on even weeks) on Tuesday at 1500 UTC in #centos-meeting.

8. Roadmap and (Action) TODO list

9. Information on getting Started within the SIG

10. Editing this page

All SIG members should be able to edit this page, if you are unable to do so, please get in touch on the centos-docs list or contact one of the existing members.

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