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This is a modest effort to cover CentOS langSubsites needs.

1. Characteristics

If you are asked to build your own CentOS subsite, what do you'd have on it:

1.1. Name propositions

1.2. Content

Content will take place in a database (like Postgresql or MySQL).

1.3. Authentication


1.4. Authorization

Just two roles:

  1. writer
  2. administrator

The relationship between LDAP users and their access rights will take place in:

Writers will be able to:

  1. Login into de system.
  2. Post into the system.
  3. Administer just the content he/she has posted.

Administrators will be able to:

  1. Login into de system.
  2. Post into the system.
  3. Administer all available content.
  4. Set/Unset privileges/roles for other available ldap users.

Other people will be in the anonymous role. They'll be able to:

  1. Read the content.
  2. Send commentaries (anonymously) with some fields required (name, email, ...)

1.5. User Management

1.5.1. LDIF template for users

dn: uid="...",ou=Users,o=Www,dc=centos,dc=org
objectClass: InetOrgPerson
uid: ...                  # mail address used for authentication
cn: ...                   # Common Name
sn: ...                   # Surname
userPassword: ...         # Password used for authentication in {MD5} or {SHA}
employeetype: ...         # User's role <writer|administrator>
preferredlanguage: ...    # Preferred language code as describe in ISO 639-1 codes
displayName: ...          # User's nickname.
mail: ...                 # mail address used for contact.

What would you include/removed ? See: RFC 2377

2. Design

If you are asked to design your own CentOS subsite, what do you'd do it:

2.1. Proposition 1: C-Nus still in womb

Note: All the information shown in the following images is fictitious.





Interface for user administration:







2.2. Proposition 2: ...


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