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Language Sub Sites

Based around the model setup at http://fr.centos.org/ we would like to setup some more language specific subsites hosted at {lang}.centos.org. We envision the language subsite to essentially be a forum wrapped around a minimal lightweight portal. The focus of the subsite will be the forums and the corresponding mailing lists hosted at http://lists.centos.org/

1. Content on the portal

2. Languages

Requested ( please add names of people offering to assist here ):

3. Requirements

  1. LDAP Support

4. Candidates






Mark 'Y' or 'N' in the columns as you test through.

5. Questions that sill need answering:


  1. Website content will stay at www.centos.org, if we do get translated versions of content; that will also stay at www.centos.org using the same format as the wiki where translated pages are available under /lang/ url space.
  2. Because of its very nature, bugs.centos.org will remain in English only for the time being.
  3. All infrastructure admin and support will come from the core infrastructure team.

6. Next Actions



Updated On

Eval s/w


Thu Sep 25 2008

Provision Infrastructure

Nominate first subsite

Launch first subsite

Launch all other pending subsites

Migrate fr.centos.org to new system ( if reqd )

Do not use this wiki page as a discussion medium. Use the centos-devel list ( http://lists.centos.org ) for that.

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