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Community Approved Third Party Repositories

Many third party repositories exist for CentOS. These repositories have varying levels of stability, support, and cooperation within the CentOS community. However, some repositories are frequently recommended by the community, are usually well maintained, and provide a substantial number of additional packages to CentOS. These are referred to as Community Approved Third Party Repositories. To be considered for this status, a repository must abide by the following rules.

Once approved for this status, a repository can request to have their release RPM added to the CentOS Extras repository, to facilitate ease of use by end users.

1. Disclaimers

<!> These repositories are not associated with or supported by the CentOS project.

<!> These repositories may or may not work with each other.

<!> The CentOS project has no control over these repositories, and users that are having issues should report them directly to the appropriate project.

2. Package Types

2.1. Add-on Package

2.2. Parallel Installable Package

2.3. Safe Replacement Package

2.4. Direct Replacement Package

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