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CentOS Dojo, FOSDEM, 2022

When: February 3rd and 4th, 2022, before FOSDEM 2022

Event will be held online.

Registration is free. Register HERE

Talk Schedule

All times are UTC. All sessions are schedule for 45 minutes, allowing 15 minutes to reset between sessions.

Thursday February 3rd:

Friday February 4th:

Talk Abstracts

MirrorManager and CentOS Stream 9

Adrian Reber

With CentOS Stream 9 mirrors are now managed with Fedora's MirrorManager instance. Fedora relies on MirrorManager since 2008 and the last time I gave a presentation about it was at Flock 2016 in Krakow.

For the CentOS community I want to use this session to give an overview how MirrorManager works. I want to give an introduction about all the different parts that are necessary to make MirrorManager work as well as how the Fedora instance is set up. I also want to highlight how MirrorManager differs from the traditional CentOS mirror infrastructure.

In addition to the introduction for the CentOS community I also want to present what has changed in the last 5 years and how and why we rewrote core components in Rust.

ELevate - A major version EL migration tool

Jack Aboutboul and Andrew Lukoshko

In late 2021, AlmaLinux introduced ELevate, a major version distro migration tool which allows migrations from CentOS 7 to Stream 8 as well as other EL8 rebuilds. Come along with us on a tour to check out the technology behind the magic and the excellent the Package Evolution Service, a community repository and tools for working with migration metadata.

State of EPEL on CentOS

Troy Dawson and Carl George

What is the current state of EPEL on CentOS Linux and CentOS Stream. What has changed recently. What do we see in the future.

Hyperscale SIG update

Davide Cavalca

Update on what the Hyperscale SIG has been working on, what deliverables are available and how to use them, and what's coming up next.

Tracking Kernel Rate of Change

Pat Riehecky

How fast is the Stream8 kernel moving? How do we tell? What can we learn from this information?

CentOS Stream 9 - The New Hope

Alex Baranowski

After a shift in CentOS direction that can be described as "It is a period of civil war.", there is a brand new CentOS Stream 9 that "can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy...".

In my presentation, I would like to address the following:

The presentation will include real-life examples of packages built for CentOS Stream 9 and then run on RHEL 9, scripts that help me build Cloud Images in streamline way and changes that I had to make to make them work for CentOS Stream 9.

The Experience Contributing to CentOS Stream

Neal Gompa

I've been contributing to CentOS Stream for a couple of years, both with CentOS Stream 8 and CentOS Stream 9. As a community contributor, the experience has been very interesting, with both ups and downs. Come to hear about my experience contributing to CentOS Stream 8 and CentOS Stream 9, and how the experience is better with CentOS Stream 9.

Bootstrapping new EPEL releases with ebranch

Michel Alexandre Salim

While Fedora packages get seamlessly branched for every upcoming Fedora release, the same is not true for the EPEL branches that target Enterprise Linux releases; every 3 years or so we have a mad dash to branch the packages we care about that are not in RHEL and CentOS Stream.

The process is not technically difficult, but repetitive - something that clearly calls for automation. Thus (with homage to juhp's fbrnch) ebranch is born.

This talk will delve into some details about how ebranch can be used to automate certain tasks currently, features that are still planned, and solicit feature requests and participation.

EPEL Packaging Hackfest

Carl George

EPEL is one of the most consumed artifacts of the Fedora project. EPEL packages are used on CentOS Stream, RHEL, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, and many others. However, this popularity is not reflected in maintainers and participation. Join us for a hackfest to help change that. If you'd like to learn more about EPEL packaging and the EPEL Packagers SIG, this is the session for you. All are welcome, but the target audience is existing Fedora packagers who would like some guidance on bringing their Fedora packages to EPEL.

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