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CentOS Dojo, Summer 2022

CentOS Dojos are free miniconferences highlighting the entire CentOS ecosystem. The Summer 2022 Dojo will be a one-day online event.

Talk Schedule

The following schedule is preliminary while we verify with the speakers.

All times are UTC. All sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes, allowing 15 minutes to reset between sessions.

Talk Abstracts

CentOS Automotive SIG - What, Why, & How

Jefro Osier-Mixon

What is the Automotive SIG up to, and why does it even exist? We will answer those questions in a brief overview along with a walkthrough of how the SIG operates, where its code lives, and how it makes best of the Stream aspect of CentOS to provide an Automotive Stream Distribution (AutoSD) for the development of in-vehicle automotive software to drive the industry effort toward software-defined vehicles and automated driver assistance.

Hyperscale SIG update

Davide Cavalca

Update on what the Hyperscale SIG has been working on, what deliverables are available and how to use them, and what's coming up next.

Running rpminspect at scale on CentOS

Jim Bair

Running rpminspect at scale on CentOS Follow along as we walk through testing all packages in CentOS Stream 9 with fresh builds of rpminspect using rpminspect-tag-runner. We'll explain the build process, the single rpminspect tests, as well as testing many builds at once to find bugs to fix in both CentOS as well as rpminspect.

State of EPEL for CentOS

Troy Dawson, Carl George

Join Troy Dawson and Carl George as they talk about the State of EPEL for CentOS. What has happened, what is happening, and what is planned for the future. There should be plenty of time for questions and answers.

Future of CentOS CI infra

Fabian Arrotin, Nils Philippsen

In this talk, we'll explain the roadmap for CentOS CI infra, including the new "duffy" api service that CI tenants/projecs are using to get ephemeral nodes on which they run their tests.

Adventures in Enterprise Linux and RPM-OSTree

Jaiden Riordan

Enterprise Linux + RPM-OSTree = Awesome. In this talk I intend to show off the process of getting EL working as an OSTree distribution. We'll go over the process of creating treefiles and building the tree. This talk is held in English and appropriate for all ages.

How we build it. ALBS: The AlmaLinux Build System

Jack Aboutboul, Eugene Zamriy, Andrew Lukoshko

The mythical AlmaLinux Build System has arrived. Please join us as we peel back the curtain on our build infrastructure, how we leverage it to consume CentOS Stream to produce AlmaLinux and how the community can use it too.

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